Commissions of Note

2002: Glass Sails

  • Two 8 ft tall x 5 ft 10 mm glass sail shapes, bent to shape and mounted in masts and booms
  • Sandblasted scenes from the local area (heron and gulls, fir and cedar trees and islands and distant mainland mountains)

Fairwinds Centre
Nanoose Bay, BC

1985-2003: Memorial Stained Glass Windows

  • 6 windows, approx. 7 ft tall x 2.5 ft wide; main church
  • 5 sandblasted windows in vestibule and 6 stained glass windows in the meeting hall
  • 3 sandblasted windows, priest’s office

Ecumenical Centre: Trinity Catholic & Trinity United Church
Nanaimo, BC

1988 & 2001: St Phillip’s by the Sea

  • 1st Stained Glass window, 8 ft. x 3 ft in original church 1988
  • 2nd Stained Glass window to match up with 1st window on move to new building in 2001

Anglican Church
Lantzville, BC

2002: Fused Glass Sunburst

  • Six fused and slumped sun rays glass panels approx. 2.5 ft x 3.75ft
  • One sun fused and slumped 3-ft hemisphere
  • Stained glass water & air window and entryway rose arch windows
  • Inset in cedar dome built by sculptor Francois Mongeau

Hosenka Place, Retirement Complex
Osaka, Japan

1996-1997: Unrau Residence

  • 14,000 sq. ft private residence with leaded glass through out
  • 7 windows, 2 French doors: solarium
  • 2 –8 ft arched top French doors and 10 cabinet door leaded lights: kitchen
  • 3 French doors, 4 leaded windows, 6 bar cabinet leaded lights, 6 cabinet door leaded lights, 1 light cover: bar and games room
  • 2 arched top French doors: bonus room
  • Leaded cabinet door lights in guest and pool bathrooms, ensuite bath and guest kitchen

Nanoose Bay, BC